Michael Holmes is kind of like Logan Thomas last year

28. července 2012 v 5:00
So, the process that Romney uses to select his running mate must establish that he is a clear thinker and has the country's best interests - and not just his own - at heart. For that, he must pick a running mate that America believes could step in literally overnight to be President, no questions asked.
Although many will speculate on which candidate will deliver to Romney the most votes, one thing is clear: A running mate who does not have the "vote of confidence" of the American people won't deliver the election.
So Romney should use a process that mirrors one he has Cheap Kobe Shoes likely used before when seeking a well-qualified C-level executive in business. That's because Vice President of the United States is a one-of-a-kind position whose primary purpose is to serve as "The President On Call." Therefore, it requires someone who has depth, flexibility and intellectual firepower to take over in any circumstance at any instant: a ready-made overnight leader.
Yet finding the overnight leader should not be done overnight. We suggest a disciplined process of discovery that ensures the final candidate demonstrates the following five leadership attributes:
Beamer singled out redshirt freshman Michael Holmes as the most likely answer at this point, and he also mentioned Trey Edmunds, true freshman J.C. Coleman, Tony Gregory (who sat out this spring with a knee injury), and true freshman Chris Mangus.
"Michael Holmes is kind of like Logan Thomas last year,"ruheririi gxondla 7/28 Beamer said. "He hasn't done it, but you think he's going to be OK. That's the way I feel with Michael Holmes. I think he has a chance to be very good. Guys have done it in high school and are used to carrying it and used to scoring. Usually that carries over."
Johnson is hoping the same applies to his wide receivers. Hill was Georgia Tech's big-play threat with 28 catches for 820 yards and five touchdowns. He led the nation with 29.3 yards per catch. Johnson mentioned sophomores Jeff Green and Darren Waller, who both played last year as true freshmen. Neither had a catch, but both contributed Cheap Lebron 9 Shoes on special teams. Chris Jackson, a former Alabama transfer, will enter fall camp as the likely starter, but junior Jeremy Moore is also an option after missing all of 2010 with an injury and playing sparingly last year.
While researchers have noted that gait can vary with injuries, fatigue and other factors, Savvides said the bio-soles can detect signs of those things, too.
The bio-soles might also have medical uses. Several papers presented this month at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference in Vancouver suggest changes in how elderly people walk - such as a slowing pace or variable stride - can provide early warnings of dementia.
Gray said the technology is less invasive of privacy than eye scans and other biometrics, in part because the individual data stays inside the bio-soles.
But one group that has followed biometrics and privacy issues said there could still be problems.
"Any biometric capture device is a potential tracking device, just like every iPhone is a potential tracking device. That's just the way these things are," said Lee Tien, an attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a San Francisco nonprofit that monitors free speech and privacy issues.
Tien said that the bio-soles themselves "might make a person feel a little bit better" than other security systems and that Gray's claim that the system can ID a person within three steps is "pretty impressive."
But he added that if the project is successful, bio-soles could also be implanted in shoes secretly.
"I wouldn't expect Nike to build these in. But it's potentially covert," he said, meaning it could be used to help spy on people.
Josh Silver, the CEO of United Republic, said of the push against super PAC ads, "It's really an effort to use the slow-motion car crash that is the 2012 election funding and super PAC spending and channel the anger of the electorate towards becoming part of the reform movement."
"This is just the first salvo," he added. "unPAC.org is going to be reaching out every time there is a breach of ethics leading up to the November 6 election."
Seth Winter, the head of advertising sales Adidas Crazy Light Shoes for NBC's Olympics coverage, told The New York Times in June that negative ads tend to do poorly during the games. Pointing to one ad run by 2008 GOP presidential candidate John McCain, Winter said, "His creative was a little bit on the negative side. And I don't think it did well. Our research showed it didn't do well for him."

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